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My Media is the No. 1 agency in France for Direct Response TV

We develop customer-acquisition strategies for the most demanding advertisers on the market.

For over 15 years, we have been supporting the European leaders in e-commerce with their expansion strategies and have orchestrated the launch of over 300 pure players.

Direct Response TV

TV creates notoriety, image and in-store traffic. But you can expect even more than that, regardless of your business sector or distribution strategy.

70% of TV viewers watch TV with a digital device in their hand (source: Google)! 78% of shoppers research products online before buying them in a shop (source: BVA)…

For my direct-to-consumer activity,

  • how can I optimise my customer-acquisition costs and arbitrate between the different media?
  • How can I improve the productivity of my media investments?
  • How can I benefit from tangible effects on turnover while ensuring the construction of my brand image?
  • Which offer is the most attractive for my consumers?
  • Which creative copy is the most convincing?

To answer all these questions, My Media provides you with the necessary insight instantly and comprehensively, enabling you to draw strategic lessons for your marketing thinking.


Leadsmonitor, the leader in solutions for measuring efficiency.

Initially developed in 2007 by My Media’s Studies and Research department, Leadsmonitor has established itself as French market leader in TV-efficiency measurement: 1.5 billion euros of gross investment analysed and optimised. Leadsmonitor’s exclusive technology is based on machine learning and is fed from a database of over 1.5 million spots. The tool’s continuous updates have greatly contributed to the success of many advertisers’ advertising campaigns.

Innovation My Media

Stop buying GRP, buy attention, recall and visits

If PopTV consolidates TV budgets in real time and conducts post-evaluation of campaigns, My Media’s Research/Analytics department chose to take this even further by configuring its analytical indicators within the software to maximise ROI from campaigns.

My Media wanted to include the following three indicators in PopTV:

Immediate visits per GRP point

The cost per immediate visit

The Alpha Attention

My Media is therefore exclusive in its operational use of the fundamental research work initiated by Heroiks’ Studies/Analytics department on DRTV (Direct Response TV) and BRTV (Brand Response TV) in terms of advertising attention and inferred recall.

In fact, instead of a media plan based solely on traditional indicators, My Media focuses its investments on the best contribution of the TV viewer’s attention and thus on the on-site visits from a TV campaign (immediate ROI) but also on the brand capital (deferred ROI – notoriety). This innovation ensures optimal selection of channels and daypart with the best Alpha GRPs for an average efficiency gain of +12%. With regard to direct ROI, the gains obtained have been spectacular, and are established with an average annual increase in on-site traffic of 52%.