Direct Response TV

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Why buy audiences when you can buy performance?

My Media is the leading Direct Response agency. We build customer acquisition strategies for the most demanding clients on the market. We have been accompanying European e-commerce leaders for over 5 years in their growth strategy and have orchestrated the launches of over 30 pure-players.

Direct Response TV

TV generates awareness, image and in-store traffic. However, you can get even more from it, whatever business you are in, whatever your distribution strategy is. 70% of TV viewers keep close by… something to surf with! (source Google) 78% of buyers check online before buying in stores… (source BVA) Everyday, TV brings proof of its efficiency in generating traffic online, in winning customers profitably, in improving organic search positions, all the while increasing the performance of digital acquisition levers.

Of course, for my direct to consumer business, how do you optimise your cost per customer and arbitrate between media? But for all advertisers, how do you increase the productivity of your media investments? How do you get tangible effects on turnover all the while building your brand image? What offer is more attractive to my customers? What creative copy is the most convincing? My Media brings that knowledge instantly and with an overview, enabling you to have the strategic learnings to make the best marketing decisions.

Leadsmonitor, leading solution in efficiency measurement.

Initially developed in 2007 by the Research Team at My Media, Leadsmonitor has earned its position as a leader in efficiency measurement for TV: 1,5 billion € in gross investments analysed and optimised. The exclusive Leadsmonitor technology is based on machine learning fed with over 1 million spots over the past 5 years. A continually improving tool, it largely contributed to the success of many advertisers’ advertising campaigns.