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Direct Energie

DIRECT ENERGIE : Repositioning a challenger in full conquest mode

As a partner from the start in 2007 of Direct Energie, My Media continues to accompany Direct Energie on the road to growth.

A challenger in full conquest, Direct Energie completely changed its startegy in 2015 in the quest for reach and awareness, moving from an ROI strategy to a Branding one. This was done by buying premium visibility on TV, with indicators bringing the brand closer to the qualitative standards of emergence reached by historic leaders like ENGIE (new communication platform from mid-2015) and EDF: historic channels, prime-time, high weekly pressure…

This TV visibility was supplemented by radio campaigns to bring the brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds and “create the reflex” of DIrect Energie.


The new branding strategy of course had an impact in ROI terms, with an increase in cost per customer acquisition from 2014 to 2015… but which enabled Direct Energie to significantly improve on brand indicators:

  • +20% in unaided awareness (25%, +5pts, far ahead of the second challenger)
  • +8% in aided awareness (83%, + 6 pts, far ahead of the second challenger)
  • Improvement on all brand image indicators