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Location de véhicule

My Media built for sixt a photo gallery #pirephotodepermis (« worstdriving licencephoto) on the occasion of le Mondial de l’Automobile 2016 and organize two concerts for press events

Created one century ago in Germany, SIXT is a car rental pioneer focused on innovation, for its customers. Indeed, SIXT was the 1st car rental to open its online booking platform from 2000, and 8 years later, develop its own mobile App to book cars making SIXT one of the most challenging and innovative player in the car rental industry.

My Media as it media agency partner since 2012 has always put at the heart of expertise and service for SIXT, challenging and innovative solutions to communicate on its brand.

The last exemple is Le Mondial de l’Automobile 2016.

Our Event and special operations department imagined, developed and executed a specific disposal around this unmissable event for SIXT.

The objective was to make alive the brand signature of SIXT “Boost Yourself” during that event.

Starting from the hashtag #PirePhotoDePermis (created by BETC), My Media team imagined an operation around this thematic of the worst photo of driving license.

Principle: Take you worst photo of driving license and come Boost Yourself on SIXT’s stand taking a new boosted photo.

Thus, during the 16 days of the show, a team of one photographer, one graphic designer and two make-up artists boosted the public with a live animation.  After a flash make-up, the participants have passed between a photographer hands for a shooting. The results: two photos. One with their face boosted with the make-up and the know-how of the professionals and for the other one, the original driving license photo. Delivered properly to participants, thanking them for their participation, and sent by email to allow everyone relay its photos on social networks and participate to game contest created for the occasion.

A lot of people such as Alessandra Sublet or Denis Brogniart (French TV very famous presenters) have also played the game contest, sending their driving license on the social networks.

More than 3 000 driving licenses photos  have been posted on the social networks, giving to the brand a very strong visibility during the Mondial de l’Automobile 2016  with an important media cover – in particular Topito, with very funny portrayals.

The participants had the opportunity to win a true shooting at Harcourt, a shopping day with transfers in Limousine or car rental offered by Sixt for weekends.

Finally, Sixt also entrusted our Events & Special Operations experts with the organization of two “concerts” for two press events. The group One has thus animated the evening live, with the exceptional participation of Philippe Etchebest a famous French Cooker playing at the drums for an improvised “boeuf”….. It’s not invented!