Case studies

Our company’s health is conditioned on delivering results.


Solendro : Guaranteed launch


Business challenge: Give birth to the first French website specialised in male underwear, increase awareness and become the reference in men’s underwear bargains.

In the spring of 2015, My Media helped the site, which had started a few months prior, to launch its first mass media campaign. My Media orchestrated a DRTV campaign to prove the efficiency of TV on a mix of DTT channels.

Immediate results: VIsits and daily sales multiplied by 10 right from the first day of the campaign.

The strategy was continued while progressively including historic channels in a test & learn approach.

2016: New multiplication of the site’s results by 10

  • Hundreds of thousands of incremental visits
  • TV conversion rate of 1,7%
  • Short-term ROI of 4