Case studies

Our company’s health is conditioned on delivering results.

Système U

Système U invented  “le commerce qui profite à tous” (commerce that benefits everyone) by emphasising not only its prices, but also the entire production process and its customers’ health.

All of these “added societal values” to quote Serge Papin, the president of the franchise, are carried by a book of interviews (S Papin « Pour un nouveau pacte alimentaire » (for a new food pact) ; Cherche midi editions) and through the brand’s communications campaigns.

It is not only about taking care of the health of its customers and of the environment (stopping the use of palm oil or of bisphenol A in its U products) but also about creating economic benefits throughout France: locally-produced food in its shelves and employment of locals in its stores.

My Media’s advetising strategy carries these new and innovative messages.

For Christmas 2015, Système U went further with its societal commitment by launching the #NoëlSansPréjugés (#ChristmasWIthoutBias). Forgoing “pink things for girls” and “boys’ toys”, all toys were presented for both boys and girls, showing Iron Man vacuuming, girls building and dolls in little boys’ hands.

This strategy has wroked extremely well for the brand:

  • Système U’s market share has stayed above 10% for 3 years
  • Système U is among the Top 3 preferred stores by French people.
  • 70% of people who recognise the brand’s TV spots intend to shop there soon.
  • Even though it is only present in part of France, Système U is, for 17% of French people, the brand most committed to customers, the environment and local employment.