Every success is collective.
Our competitive advantage resides in our talent.

My Media

mymediaMy Media, the leading independent media agency

Our watchwords: proximity, reactivity and efficiency
With an overall purchasing volume of more than 700 million euros and a gross margin of 10 million euros in 2012, My Media is now the leading French independent media agency, enjoying the market’s fastest growth rate in 2012.
In just eight years, the agency has won over numerous advertisers in every field: Système U, Feu Vert, The Phone House, Pizza Hut, Velux, My M&M’s (Mars Group) and, more recently, Sixt (with a budget of 16 million euros).
The agency has also become the go-to agency for e-businesses and pure players. Since 2009, My Media has been particularly successful in launching many participants in the new economy, such as Zalando, Trivago, Groupon, Edarling, and Mister Spex.

With our proven media expertise and highly-qualified staff, we can mobilise all our live resources to optimise your media investments, as well as sharing our ideas and pooled experience to help you construct your marketing plan.

Our areas of expertise

  • Media strategy and media planning
  • Purchasing offline ad space: TV, Radio, Press, Display, Cinema
  • Purchasing online ad space: display (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPL), SEM / SEO, RTB, e-mailing, affiliation
  • Digital strategy
  • E-business strategy
  • E-reputation
  • Community management
  • Paid referencing audits
  • Managing and driving affiliation programmes
  • Ergonomic audits