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Search Foresight

SEO & Inbound Marketing

Search Foresight (the SEO & SEA agency) works with clients to enhance their website’s natural traffic. Our expertise covers every aspect of “inbound marketing”: SEO of course, social network optimisation, local referencing, website and mobile app referencing, e-reputation management…

Our team is composed of qualified consultants with particular experience in strategic brand management and major accounts facing complex challenges:

  • Multiple country / language versions
  • High-audience sites and pages
  • Complex technical platforms

Our consultants are equipped with all the tools and solutions to facilitate the technical integration of our recommendations into all types of platform, framework or CMS

Search Foresight has an unrivalled wealth of technological expertise in the use of automatic language processing and computational linguistics for building audience.

Our services:

  • SEO / Natural referencing
  • In-depth audits
  • Web crawling and log analysis
  • SEA strategy (with My Media)
  • SMO / Social Media optimisation
  • Mobile referencing (websites and apps)
  • Netlinking
  • Platform, framework and CMS optimisation
  • Project management and support for website migrations
  • Strategic consulting
  • Multiple language and country management
  • Referencing training
  • Reporting and advanced dashboards