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Feu Vert

My Media’s touch at the service of the expert’s paw

With more than 35 years of experience in auto repair, upkeep and parts, Feu Vert is the European leader in its sector with over 400 auto centers in Europe including more than 300 in France.

In 2011, following a n agency review where it faced Carat and Mindshare, My Media  won the global media buying budget for the brand, as well as its on and offline media strategy.
My Media’s strategy is structured around an omni-channel approach resolutely turned towards customer acquisition to make Feu Vert the referent brand in specialised auto retail, facing historic auto manufacturers already very present in media.
This ambitious objective necessitated the implementation of an agressive and differentiating communication strategy founded on 2 key elements: a strong value propoition – accessibility, advice, competitive prices with a preserved manufacturer warranty – and a strong positioning with the slogan « Feu Vert, la patte de l’expert » (Feu Vert, the expert’s paw).
The duo of web marketing and television, deployed around the brand’s annuel sales plan, is the foundation of the brand’s national communication to increase sales both in-store and online, as well as to build the brand’s awareness and attractivity.
In 2016, Feu Vert launched a new TV campaign showcasing the meeting of two experts: Feu Vert, and football commentator Pierre Menes for the year of the Euro Cup 2016 in France.